We are a patient first and data driven regenerative medicine company. We strive to develop cures that better the lives of people living with chronic conditions.

About Us

iTolerance is a privately held regenerative medicine company enabling tissue, organoid or cell therapy without the need for life-long immunosuppression. Leveraging our proprietary technology platform, iTOL-100, we are advancing a pipeline of programs using both allogenic pancreatic islets and stem-cells that have the potential to cure diseases. Our lead program, iTOL-101 is being developed for Type 1 Diabetes and in a preclinical non-human primate study, pancreatic islet cells co-implanted with iTOL-101 exhibited long-term function with control of blood glucose levels and restoration of insulin secretion without the use of chronic immune suppression. Our follow-on candidate, iTOL-102, is leveraging significant advancements in stem cells to derive pancreatic islet organoids which allows an inexhaustible supply of insulin-producing cells for use in Type 1 Diabetes. Additionally, the Company is developing iTOL-201 for liver failure and iTOL-301 as a potential regenerative protein and cell therapy that leverages stem cell sources to produce proteins or hormones in the body in conditions of high unmet need.